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    Iguana Adoptions: Available Iguanas

    NOTE ABOUT ADOPTIONS: We do not ship. Period. We have invested too much time, energy and money into helping these iguanas to put them through the stress involved with shipping. However, you are welcome to come visit us in beautiful Winston-Salem, NC and meet our babies! Contact us for more information.

    We have several iguanas available for adoption! Please contact us for more information or check out our links page for other iguana rescue organizations.


    This 'little' cutie is 7 years old and came from a family who raised her from an early age. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they were no longer able to provide proper care for her. She was turned into us for placement. Weighing in at a little over 9 pounds, Willa is no "lap lizard." She prefers love in the form of a pat on the head as opposed to being held.

    For information regarding Willa's adoption, please email


    Watch this great video called Reptiles as Pets from the web site of the Humane Society of the United States (

    Amazing Animals was an amazing success! NCIRA participated in Amazing Animals Day at the Children's Museum in Greensboro, NC on 10-4-2003 and helped educate visitors of all ages about the green iguana.

    Featured Foster: Willa
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    Current Projects: Petition for Pet Store Accountability for the Care and Keeping of Green Iguanas. Pet stores frequently give out grossly inaccurate information to customers who purchase green iguanas. The goal of our petition is to create a law which requires pet stores to not only keep their iguanas for sale in healthy conditions, but to give correct information regarding their care to the people who buy their iguanas.
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